At Maxoil we understand the increasingly challenging needs of our customers and the importance of maximising the economic efficiency of their oil and gas assets.

We achieve this through our core values and by implementing robust performance enhancing strategies, founded on our Process Engineering and Production Chemistry competencies and project delivery methodology. We do this to meet the needs of our customers technically, economically and culturally.

Our mission is to provide a holistic, practical approach to ensure a total engineering solution to troublesome oilfield processes. Our goal is the implementation of safe oilfield solutions to achieve the combined benefits of reduced environmental impacts and increased plant productivity with minimal cost consequence.

Maxoil brings strategic value by being:

Independent - We focus on delivering the most effective smart solutions for our customers, rather than favouring specific vendors.

Proactive - We always look beyond the immediacy of the project scope, whilst remaining within its commercial framework.

Holistic – We understand the full project lifecycle, from the detailed diagnostics of the challenge to the implementation of the appropriate solution.

Integrated – We blend Process Engineering, Production Chemistry and Operability competence to ensure the most effective approach is identified and delivered.