About Us

We provide global consultancy services to the international Oil and Gas Industry.

Maxoil Solutions was established in 2004 and has its origins in PRIMAS Consultancy, which has been operating successfully since 1999. We are recognised as industry leaders and we provide high quality, specialist solutions to oilfield clients around the globe.

Due to steady growth and successful operations in other parts of the world, Maxoil opened its Houston office in 2004 covering not only Gulf of Mexico, but also North and South Americas where we have long-term commitments to develop our business further.

In 2008 we entered the Norwegian market and we now have an established office in Stavanger, with 2012 seeing further expansion into South-East Asia and Australia following several years of operation in those areas from our UK offices.

Our continuous strive for excellence and dedication to providing added value to all our customers will endlessly see us drive Maxoil forward, where we can support our customers by defining and implementing robust performance-enhancing strategies to meet their needs technically, economically and culturally.