Systems Awareness Technical Training


Maxoil understands equipment and system design. We also understand process control and have extensive experience of optimising operational performance.

Enhancing Oil and Gas production requires a deep understanding of control systems and mechanism function of the complex equipment and processes, which are relied upon for delivering export specification oil and gas. Many operations fail to grasp such deep understanding and the reality of many production facilities is that they develop their own way of operating systems and handling of upset conditions. In some cases it has even been noted that different shifts can operate systems in very different  ways. The result is inefficient and unoptimised production.

Using this knowledge and experience, Maxoil developed System Awareness Training Courses which enable operators to optimise production from their facilities. This starts with the review of the production facilities and includes the gathering of historical data and operator interviews. From this investigation an individual training course is then developed, which explains to operators the function of their production systems and how production can be optimised.

Maxoil has developed a number of oilfield training courses covering the following topics:

  • Oilfield Chemistry
  • Crude Oil Separation
  • Produced Water Management
  • Water Injection Systems
  • Sand and Solids Management

In addition to the suite of core courses listed above, Maxoil can provide tailored training courses to meet individual client requirements.

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